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A few Small Changes

It truly is amazing how incorporating a few beneficial changes in our food choice can make us feel good. The better we feel better the more likely we are to keep with the change.

If you introduce one small change each month by the end of the year you will have mastered 12!

One area to improve our health is our diet and we can do this by increasing the amount of natural whole foods we eat.

Natural Whole foods to include in your diet: Fruits, Vegetables, Whole grains, Seafood, Free range meats and poultry.

Choose foods that are whole, and in their natural state, and are as close to the way they grow in nature. Often, grocery stores carry produce that is chopped, peeled, and packaged for our convenience. Given the choice choose foods with no ingredient list and produce unprepared still wearing its own skin.

Eat foods that are in season. Experiment, be adventurous! It’s surprising what you’ll discover. The more our food is processed, the less nutrient value it has since vitamins, minerals, fibre, and other phytonutrients are lost. The longer the shelf life-date of expiration date, the more processed the food. Shop the outside aisles of a grocery store as this is where you’ll find fresh foods.

Choose organic and local foods as much as possible. Many of our local grocery stores carry organic produce and there are several large farmer’s markets in the Waterloo Region; Kitchener Farmer’s Market, St. Jacob’s Farmers Market, and the Cambridge Farmer’s Market. These are great places to get delicious products that are locally grown and raised by our neighbors.

Choose to listen to your body. Be good to yourself by eating that which is fresh and whole.

In health,