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What do you see?

I cannot tell you how often I walk around our beautiful Victoria Park. It is often!

Each time I drive to the park for a walk I experience expansiveness. The peaceful surroundings are so tranquil. I feel it really supports my overall well-being and, because I feel this way, I go as often as I can.

I go to Victoria Park during the week alone, and on weekends, with my husband Gary. Each time we are sure to make a stop on the way to the park and pick up our daughter’s standard poodle Abby. She absolutely loves this destination. Her excitement from the moment we pull into the driveway until we arrive at the park brings joy to our hearts. Abby does not offer many dog kisses but Gary and I are sure to get one once she bounds into the back seat of our little car!

Once at the park, we become invisible. Abby’s focus is on squirrels, geese and other dogs.

Today, my attention was caught by something I see almost every time I go to the park. Whether it is during the week or weekend, a familiar couple catches my eye—a mother and daughter.  The daughter is walking her elderly mother. Together they make their way methodically around the park, stopping now and again to rest on a bench and simply enjoy the magnificence of the park. Rarely, do I hear them speak.  What impressed me today was the unconditional love of the daughter for her mother. Her act of service spoke much louder than any words. I quickly pulled out my iPhone to try and snap a picture of their backs as they walked. I was so moved by their silence and motion. Ironically the daughter turned at that moment as if to ask, “What do you see?”

Wow! The beauty of walking in a local park, and getting to witness something more than the beauty of nature—I was a witness to the beauty of nurture.