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6 Steps to Wellness

Why is it hard to make a Healthy Change?

Everyone wants to enjoy good health but why are we not getting any healthier?

The way to build better health is to consistently make healthy choices that form new habits. The hardest thing about making a positive change is to move away from situations where old choices can be repeated.

The process of change requires new learning, new experiences and the application of the learning. This allows us to feel the results of the experience. Once we repeat these new learnings accompanied with the good feelings generated, it becomes a new habit.

Making new choices requires a level of motivation! Did you know that motivation is internally generated? Others can influence you but ultimately you make the choice. Several factors must occur before you can become self-motivated.

They look like this:

1: New learning (influenced by information from external)

2: New knowledge (desire for more understanding)

3: Awareness (insight and what this means to you)

4: Self-motivation (I know what I need to do now)

5: Active participation to change behaviors (I create my new rules)

6: Changed Outlook (changed behaviors / newly formed habits)

Commit to one or two new changes this month and after 21 days see how you feel about your new habit. New changes repeated over and over again become a new habit as the mind and body merges as one.